How The Pizza Bakery Expanded Internationally Using UrbanPiper’s HUB

From managing its menu seamlessly to tracking customer behaviour, The Pizza Bakery found the solution to its business problems in Hub


The Pizza Bakery

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Founded in 2017 by Nikhil Gupta and Abhijit Gupta, The Pizza Bakery serves authentic Neapolitan style sourdough pizzas and Paris Panini. With humble beginnings in Bengaluru, the Pizza Bakery has now expanded across the city through a Cloud Kitchen styled model of operations and has also expanded internationally to Colombo, Sri Lanka. 


As Pizza Bakery was expanding across different outlets in India, they were finding it challenging to manage order flow remotely. They had multiple aggregator windows open in each outlet, something that made order management chaotic. As a result, basis tasks such as updating menus, prices, and keeping stores open on food aggregator platforms became everyday challenges that needed to be solved.


Pizza Bakery found solutions to all their problems with UrbanPiper’s HUB. They were able to promptly update their menu, inventory, and close & open the stores on all third-party aggregator platforms in real-time.

Furthermore, they were able to track analytics to understand their customers better. This allowed them to manage their operations seamlessly and scale their business in the way that they had imagined.

Working with UrbanPiper has been an excellent experience so far. Would recommend UrbanPiper to all other restaurateurs!

Nikhil & Abhijit Gupta

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