Automate your cloud kitchens, manage your business efficiently, and boost your profits

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POSist's Robust Cloud Kitchen Solution

POSist is a Cloud-based restaurant technology platform that helps owners manage their entire restaurant operations.

Helps you maximize profit by controlling food-costs, wastages, stock pilferages & bill thefts. Get in-depth sales analytics to understand how your business is performing.

Works both Offline and Online!

Key benefits

Automate your cloud kitchen operations, manage your restaurant business efficiently, and boost profits

Platform independent, runs on browser

Specialized module for Franchisees, Cloud Kitchens, Loyalty & Marketing

Easy-to-use interface, training free

24x7 Support – Call and Email

Simplifying your business

1. Provides in-depth Inventory module to reduce inventory losses and maximize profits
2. Sales reports to help you keep track of performance of all outlets centrally
3. Anti-theft module for intelligently reporting all bill manipulation cases such as discounts, reprint, void, complimentary etc.
4. Specialized cloud-kitchen module integrated with all major delivery aggregators; manage multiple brands from a single dashboard
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