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Simplifying restaurant business with FusionResto

For a stand-alone restaurant or a chain, FusionResto is end-to-end restaurant management software that provides point-of-sale billing, kitchen-order-printing, food costing, store control, recipe, financial accounts, and payroll, business analysis and customer loyalty program.

Unlike other restaurant softwares, it helps you make profits sooner, reach break-even faster and open more outlets quicker

Key benefits

Automate your cloud kitchen operations, manage your restaurant business efficiently, and boost profits

Most advanced ERP for Restaurant business

Available on-premises as well as on cloud

AI powered Smart POS with recommendation engine

Marketplace and payment gateway integration

Simplifying your business

1. Customizable Menu and POS interface increases throughput by 10%
2. Upto 40% increase in revenue with end-to-end digital order processing
3. Robust Inventory management system that saves 12% holding cost annually
4. Increased customer engagement with upto 46% repeat business and more referrals
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