Track orders coming from various channels

A single dashboard for tracking orders from various channel. Train your operators once and they are good to go for life.


Be notified

Don’t miss out on any new orders and avoid wastages resulting from missed cancellations.


Focus on throughput

The reputation and effeciency of your store depends on how quickly orders are processed. With Satellite’s fluid user experience your staff can process orders seamlessly.


Drive down cancellations

Primary driver of order cancellation is ill-managed stock control. Satellite provides you the essential features to make stock control a breeze.


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10,000+ restaurants across the globe

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Here’s what our customer’s say

A digital experience that restaurateurs love to talk about...

We work with a lot of aggregators to be able to reach to more wider customers. But our backend was not really integrated with these partners and menu update became a programming nightmare. With UrbanPiper coming in, menu sync/programming got automated with aggregators in real-time...
Aruj Garg
Eat Fit, Head Operations
We were able to build a very strong delivery brand, and we have got miles to go, but frankly to grow very fast in the delivery space even though we had no background got enabled because we were able to latch on to the UrbanPiper platform...
Amuleek Singh Bijral
Chai Point, CEO
For a small company, we find it difficult to deal with multiple vendors. Multiple touch points increase the need for co- ordination from our side multiple times and that creates it’s own problems. UrbanPiper is a solution which has all the components built into it. This make our life simple..
Ashish Saxena
Chili's India, CEO

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