Manage your food delivery channels on one dashboard

No more juggling multiple dashboards. UrbanPiper's POS integrations allow you to manage orders from Swiggy, Zomato, UberEats, Talabat and others straight from your existing POS.

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27000+ restaurants across the globe

Managing online orders has never been easier

Say goodbye to the chaos of managing online orders

UrbanPiper's integrations solution allows your business to reduce order preparation time, eliminate errors and improve staff efficiency.

Manage all your online orders on one screen

Streamline your operations, reduce missed orders and avoid errors by managing all your online orders on one screen directly from your POS.

Control your menu across all platforms with ease

Save time and improve labour efficiency at your restaurant. Update your menu across all channels in real-time with just one click.

Manage your stock across all outlets in real-time

Make cancellations a thing of the past. Update your stock across all channels in real-time to drive down cancellations and improve customer experience.

Make key decisions based on actionable business data

UrbanPiper's centralised reporting dashboard keeps you informed of operational and sales data so you can get a 360-degree analysis of your business and focus on what matters the most.

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Stories from restaurateurs and industry experts that have worked with UrbanPiper
We were able to build a very strong delivery brand, and we have got miles to go, but frankly to grow very fast in the delivery space even though we had no background got enabled because we were able to latch on to the UrbanPiper platform...


For a small company, we find it difficult to deal with multiple vendors. Multiple touch points increase the need for co- ordination from our side multiple times and that creates it’s own problems. In UrbanPiper, that was one of the key differences we found. It was a solution which had all the components built into it. Helps make our life simple..


With the dashboard that UrbanPiper provides, it's very easy to modify your menu. We thought we're only getting data hygiene and reconciliation solutions, but after having URBANPIPER come on-board, we were able to solve many more issues we never expected to be taken care of which gives me tremendous peace of mind


We have opened 3 cities after we got Urbanpiper onboard, where we didn't even visit the kitchens till now, the kitchen are up and LIVE and running very smoothly because we have eyes on all the kitchens through our systems in place. Better be it in the hands of a player like UrbanPiper whom you can trust and run your tech capabilities


We realised that if we wanted to grow, we have to work with a lot of aggregators to be able to reach to more wider customers. But our backend was not really integrated with these partners and menu update became a programming nightmare. With UrbanPiper coming in, menu sync/programming got automated with aggregators in real-time. It became so simple like opening your gmail...



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