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Prime POS

India's Most Reliable Restaurant POS System

An end-to-end, web-based POS that has everything you need to manage your restaurant— online & in-store.

Trusted by

2500+ restaurant brands across the globe

Trusted by

35000+ restaurants across the globe

Product features

Our products have been designed with your business in mind, and are packed with essential features to help you succeed.
Billing & KOT
Inventory Management
Menu Management
Delivery Integrations
Detailed Reporting
Advanced Analytics
Integrated KDS
Captain App
Multi-device Support
99.99% Uptime

Product features

Our products have been designed with your business in mind, and are packed with essential features to help you succeed.
Billing & KOT
Inventory Management
Menu Management
Integrated KDS
Detailed Reporting & Analytics
Captain App
Delivery Integrations
QR Ordering

The perfect operating system for your restaurant

From quick order punching to detailed reporting and analytics, Prime POS has everything you need to increase staff efficiency and automate your restaurant operations

Manage billing & KOTs with ease

Prime POS is the fastest, most reliable way to bill customers and manage KOTs. Our system is designed to improve your operational efficiency and save you time and money.

Track all your online orders on one screen

Streamline your operations, reduce missed orders and avoid errors by managing all your online orders directly from your POS.

Make key decisions based on actionable business data

With our centralised reporting dashboard, Prime POS keeps you informed of operational and sales data so you can get a 360 degree analysis of your business and focus on what matters the most.

Get real-time visibility into your inventory

Cancellations will be a thing of the past. Prime's inventory management solution is designed to reduce order errors, optimise food costs, and eliminate wastage.

Increase speed of service with Prime's KDS

Extend your POS's capabilities and Improve staff productivity. With Prime's integrated Kitchen Display System, orders go from your POS directly to display screens in your kitchen.
With the dashboard that UrbanPiper provides, it's very easy to modify your menu. We thought we're only getting data hygiene and reconciliation solutions, but after having URBANPIPER come on-board, we were able to solve many more issues we never expected to be taken care of which gives me tremendous peace of mind


We were able to build a very strong delivery brand, and we have got miles to go, but frankly to grow very fast in the delivery space even though we had no background got enabled because we were able to latch on to the UrbanPiper platform...


We realised that if we wanted to grow, we have to work with a lot of aggregators to be able to reach to more wider customers. But our backend was not really integrated with these partners and menu update became a programming nightmare. With UrbanPiper coming in, menu sync/programming got automated with aggregators in real-time. It became so simple like opening your gmail...


We have opened 3 cities after we got Urbanpiper onboard, where we didn't even visit the kitchens till now, the kitchen are up and LIVE and running very smoothly because we have eyes on all the kitchens through our systems in place. Better be it in the hands of a player like UrbanPiper whom you can trust and run your tech capabilities


The tools provided by UrbanPiper makes managing restaurants seem effortless. UrbanPiper is a great tool for online integrations especially for cloud kitchen concepts. I’m able to highlight issues to the team and multiple team members work with us to resolve them.

Harsh Gupta

Operational Head

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've collected some of the most commonly asked questions about our product and put them all in one place for your convenience

What is Prime and how does it work?

Prime is a cloud based POS system that allows restaurants to streamline operations by offering integrations with all popular online sales channels, in-store billing, inventory management, and reporting and analytics. It is a web based system that can be used across devices including mobile and PC.

Why should I use Prime?

Prime offers everything you need—integrations with sales channels, in-store billing, inventory management, reporting and analytics and more.

With Prime, you improve staff efficiency and performance, cut down on infrastructure spending, and limit the number of cancellations. 

All in all, with Prime you improve your margins.

How do I sign up for Prime?

To sign up for Prime, please fill out the form on this page. One of our product experts will reach out to you to schedule a custom demo for your business shortly.

How long does it take to set up Prime?

Usually, it takes us 7 days to get Prime working on your system. However, our team is currently working on reducing this time. So, you can expect a turnaround time of less than 7 days.

Does Prime require any hardware?

No. Prime does not require any additional hardware. It can work on any mobile or desktop device.

Is Prime an App-based or a web-based POS?

Prime is a web-based POS and has an android and ios app as well for mobile devices.

What is considered as a license for Prime POS?

A physical location is considered as a license for Prime.

Do you also provide hardware for your software?

We currently do not provide any hardware but would be happy to guide you with the hardware required to run our POS system.

Can we check the inventory of raw materials and have recipes in Prime?

We have a robust raw materials and stock module which allows for a wide variety of actions ranging from raising a PO to managing stocks of all raw materials.

What are the reports that are available?

Prime has extensive reports in the following categories: Sales, Online Ordering, Employee Reports, Restaurant Operations, Payments, Taxes and Fees, Inventory, and Transfers and Purchasing. All of the reports can be downloaded as excel files to further analyze data.

Can I have different pricing for my offline vs online sales price?

Yes. Prime supports multiple pricing for a single item where you can have different pricing for your offline billing and online aggregators.

Can I manage multiple brands from a single license?

Yes. Prime supports multiple brands from a single location and you can easily access all data regarding all your brands from a single dashboard.

Can I define user permissions and restrict access to certain actions?

Yes. You can set up multiple profiles with different permissions for your staff and managers.

How often do I need to upgrade my plan for accessing new features?

We work constantly to improve our offerings and create an increasingly robust POS system. Many factors go into the development of new versions of the software. Because each new version released incorporates so many added capabilities that can help your business, we recommend that you keep your system up to date. Merchants do not have to pay extra for accessing these features.

I am switching from a different POS system to Prime POS. Do I need to buy new hardware?

Prime POS doesn't pose any such restrictions on the user. Since it is a browser app, it is compatible with any device. Apart from that, the mobile app is supported for both Android and iOS users. So, you do not need to buy a new hardware for Prime POS unless your previous POS is in an inoperable condition.

What is the price of Prime?

The pricing of Prime depends on the scale of your business and your order volumes. To know the specific pricing for your restaurant, contact us here.

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