Aravind Karnam
Product Manager

Building the operating system for modern restaurants.

ProductAre your kitchen operations slow and chaotic?

In their early days, Mcdonald's stood apart from their competitors, because their orders were ready in 30 seconds instead of 30 minutes. Are you struggling to get such speed and efficiency? UrbanPiper's kitchen display system, the "COOKBOOK" streamlines your kitchen operations and ushers in speed!

Aravind Karnam
ProductAre you leaving money on the table?

The only way to know for sure is to reconcile payouts from online platforms with reports from your Point of sale and Banker but it's an extremely challenging task. We are working on a fully automated reconciliation solution, coming out in 2022 Q1. Read on and sign up for early beta access.

Aravind Karnam
ProductGoodbye Quint, Hello Atlas

With UrbanPiper powering thousands of restaurants all over the world and an ever-increasing number of daily active users, we can fairly say that we are way out of our days of figuring out the product-market fit. Now it's time to take on bigger challenges and to create something brand new

Aravind Karnam

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