Prime's Latest Design Upgrade: Top 6 Exciting Highlights!

We are thrilled to announce a comprehensive redesign of POS & Order Tracker on Prime Web that aims to enhance your user experience. With this upgrade, you can expect a cleaner, intuitive, and user-friendly interface that will make your restaurant operations easier and faster!

📽️ Watch this short video to learn more about your Prime Web POS and Order Tracker’s new look👇

Here are some of the highlights that will benefit your restaurant operations:

Expanded screen space: You can now see more information at a glance, focus on what matters most & minimise user errors, thanks to the elimination of unnecessary clutter and the dedication of more space to vital elements such as the POS dine-in tables views.

Streamlined navigation: We've made navigation smoother by removing the top bar and relocating key features. Now, your user profile, notifications, bill sync, and help center are conveniently placed at the bottom of the side navigation.

Additionally, session settings & stock control can be found in the three dots menu.

You can also switch between POS and Order tracker with ease through our quick access buttons.

Easy order voiding and KOT re-printing: You can now void order items and re-print KOTs from the POS module in one click, as we have moved these features to the right side drawer with clear icons.

Effortless task management: You can now access features such as Business Day End, Order Voiding, Notes Screen, etc. from a sliding panel on the right side of your screen. This change improves your navigation efficiency, making it easier for you to accomplish tasks.

Dynamic Columns: Now you can customize columns for metrics relevant to you and your business. You can also access the search bar and customise filters directly from the main screen.

How to Get Started with Prime Design Upgrade?

Getting started with the Prime Design Upgrade is easy. Simply update the Prime web-app by clicking on “Update Now”.

If you have any questions or need help, please feel free to reach us through our 24/7 whatsapp support -

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