Optimize Your Restaurant's Performance with the New & Improved Analytics Module!

Discover how UrbanPiper's revamped Analytics Module in Atlas can upgrade your restaurant's data analysis. Enjoy advanced filtering, heatmaps, and more for comprehensive operational insights.

We are thrilled to unveil our upgraded and industry leading Analytics Module! 

To enhance user experience and simplify restaurant analytics, we've centralized our Analytics Module exclusively in Atlas. While Prime continues to offer valuable insights, Atlas now serves as the primary destination for all analytics needs, ensuring streamlined navigation and access to detailed data of your business.  

This update introduces deeper insights and richer visualizations, such as heatmaps, distribution curves, and pie charts, all of which can be viewed through the lens of any combination of location, platform, or brand.

With the new and improved Analytics, restaurant owners can visualise their entire business performance at a glance. From tracking daily sales to monitoring item trends, our dashboard provides a comprehensive overview, enabling quick identification of success areas and aspects needing improvement.

To save you valuable time, Atlas now allows for advanced filtering and sorting directly within the dashboards, eliminating the need for downloading reports and performing external analysis. 

It's not just an update; it's an enhanced experience for you and your team.

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Old Analytics Tab vs. New: 

With the new design, we’ve introduced an organized and efficient system that enhances your user experience. The revamped layout includes dedicated tabs for each sub-module, ensuring easy navigation and quick access to the insights that matter most to you.

Home Tab:

Our new Home tab is your restaurant's command center. A unified overview awaits you, allowing swift navigation to any of the sub-modules. Comprehensive insights into your restaurant's performance are just one click away.


Key Metrics at a Glance:

Navigate through key metrics effortlessly with deeper insights into your restaurant's operations and sales performance. The new update brings you a clear view of trends related to each sub-module, enabling you to make informed decisions with a glance. 

Gain valuable insights with supporting metrics such as Avg. Revenue/day, Avg. Order value, Completed Orders, and Lost Orders, offering a detailed perspective into your business. This means spending less time crunching numbers and more time enhancing your restaurant's success with informed decisions.

Intuitive Chart Types:


Our new store and item level heatmaps makes it easy to track offline periods of your store and items. Our order frequency heatmaps highlight your restaurant’s peak hours and days. This allows you to optimize staff schedules, meet customer demand, and reduce wait times. 

Dynamic Line/Area Charts:

Spotting patterns and growth opportunities has never been easier! Our dynamic line and area charts provide depth and clarity, making it a breeze to visualize your restaurant's performance trends over time. 

Line chart gives a view of the trends of your restaurant’s performance. Dotted line represents the past data and the solid line represents the current data, this can be utilised for time range comparison in the line chart.

The Average Order Value distribution chart is a powerful use case of this chart for understanding how much your customers are spending, and adjusting your menu and marketing strategies to increase AOV, directly impacting your bottom line.

Interactive Pie and Bar Charts:

Dive into immediate insights and an overall view of your business with our pie and bar charts. Now you can view platform and brand wise sales distribution and performance metrics as well, giving you deeper insights into all your brands.

Uncover insights behind every cancellation with detailed source and stage tracking. Whether it's pre-acknowledgment or post-acknowledgment, platform-based or merchant-initiated, gain clear visibility to address and reduce cancellations effectively.

You can also explore the Lost Revenue Breakdown across all your brands to get an in-depth performance of all your brands. With insights into lost orders at an item level, pinpoint the reasons behind unserved orders—be it stock issues or operational inefficiencies—and implement corrective measures to minimise future losses.

Interactive Tables:

These interactive tables enable you to effortlessly identify top-performing platforms, locations, and items across any metric by simply sorting the columns. By offering a view of your restaurant's operations through platform/locations/items and metric-based lens, they equip you with quick insights needed to refine your strategies. 

Get Started with Data-Driven Decision Making for your Restaurant with Our Upgraded Analytics Module Today!

The upgraded Analytics Module, now with detailed metrics, cancellation breakdowns, store and item availability heatmaps, among other enhancements, is your key to simpler yet deep performance analysis. 

Discover the untapped opportunities lying within your operations to refine, optimize, and significantly increase your restaurant’s profitability. Get started today!

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