UrbanPiper Makes A Mark At The Fast Food & Cafe Convention 2022

On a day of incredible learnings, insights, & networking, the UrbanPiper team left its impact on the food-tech ecosystem in the Middle East. Find out how the brand leveraged its position as Platinum Partner at the marquee event in Dubai.

UrbanPiper is thrilled to have contributed towards the success of the Fast Food & Cafe Convention in Dubai recently. As Platinum Partners, the brand had one of the busiest stalls through the 1-day event, hosted the liveliest panel discussion, and interacted with restaurateurs and other stakeholders from this incredible industry.

Having built our presence in the Middle East over the past year, proven by a list of top restaurateurs onboarded already including the Americana Group, McDonald’s, Krispy Kreme, KFC and more, and integrations with leading POS players including Foodics, Revel Systems, ITB Squirrel POS and more, the event served as a platform to truly cement the brand’s positioning as the leading tech provider in the region. 

UrbanPiper’s participation at the Fast Food & Cafe Convention came on the back of the brand’s eventful outing at The Takeaway Expo in London, where the brand had an impactful two-days, even welcoming new brands onboard on the spot! 

Speaking about the event in Dubai, Renjith Prahladan - Deputy General Manager - MENA said, “It was truly an exhilarating experience to be part of the marquee event. The quality of attendees really showcased the importance of the event and the potential we have in the region here. The UrbanPiper team put our best foot forward and left with many meaningful conversations that we intend to leverage in the weeks to come”.

The panel discussion hosted by UrbanPiper at FFCC 2022

One of the highlights of the entire event was the panel discussion hosted by UrbanPiper. The panel, titled the ‘Role of tech in unleashing efficiencies in the ever-challenging food delivery landscape’ brought together stakeholders across the food-tech ecosystem to provide a 360-degree view of the industry today. We are thankful to Amel Mabrouk - General Manager for Foodics in UAE, Navneet Singh - Director of Home Delivery Sales for Americana, Saif Al-Amid - Group Product Manager for HungerStation who joined Renjith on the panel, moderated by Keerthana Shetty - Head Of Partnerships Acquisition for UrbanPiper. 

Speaking about the panel discussion, Keerthana Shetty said, “Just being on stage was a fantastic experience for me. When we thought about the idea behind the panel, we knew that it was important to have different points of view, though the output way exceeded our expectations.” 

While the event was a resounding success, we’re aware that this is very much the beginning of our journey as we look to expand the brand’s footprint on the global stage. If you’re in the Middle East and couldn’t meet us at the Fast Food & Cafe Convention, it’s still not too late to upgrade to UrbanPiper. Get in touch with our team today. 

Kaushal Raj
Marketing Head - International Markets

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