🛠️ Your Go-To Guide for Printer Setup & Custom Templates on Prime

Dive into our comprehensive guide on effortless printer setup and creating custom templates for bills and KOTs in your restaurant. Learn how to automate workflows and customize your Bills and KOTs with our easy steps, enhancing your restaurant's operational efficiency.

Our platform is built to cater specifically to the unique demands of your restaurant, offering a wide array of configurations and customizations. From seamless printer setup options to intricate print template customizations, we're here to ensure every operational detail and customer-facing document reflects your brand perfectly. 

By the end of this blog, you'll learn how to set up your printers through Prime web and app, automate workflows, and customize your bills and KOTs.

Printer Setup Made Simple

For Web Users:

Starting Off: Navigate to the 'Order Tracker' on your Prime dashboard, and click on 'Printers' within the session settings drawer. Here, you'll find the 'Qz-Tray' plugin. Download and install it to connect your printer with Prime seamlessly. This means no more manual selections every time you need to print a bill or KOT.

Adding Printers: Once installed and connected, add all your printers by clicking on ‘Add Printers’. In the printer settings, you can specify what gets printed (Bill, KOT, etc.), where it gets printed, and how many copies you need. Perfect for those of you managing multiple KOT counters with dedicated printers.

Automating the Workflow: Choose 'Automated Workflow' and decide when your Bills & KOTs should print — at 'Acknowledged', 'Food Ready', or 'Dispatched' stages. Most partners prefer the 'Acknowledged' stage for both bills and KOTs.

For App Users:

To set up a printer through the Prime app, simply navigate to 'More' and tap 'Printer Settings'. Here, you'll find options for 'Bluetooth', 'USB', and 'Network' printers.

Bluetooth Connection: Select 'Bluetooth' to see available devices. Tap on your device's name to connect. Once connected, adjust your 'Printer Width' to one of the given options or set a custom width and character count. Choose your 'Printer Type' from options like ESC/POS, Star Graphics and more. You can run a test print to verify your settings by clicking on 'Test Print'.

Network Printer: For network printers, select 'Network Printer' under 'Printer Settings' and enter your network's IP address. Once connected, your device will appear under Printer Settings.

USB Connection: Connect your USB printer to your phone, choose 'USB' under printer settings, and select your device to connect.

Automatic Printing: Similar to web, you can specify when bills and KOTs should print automatically by selecting options under 'Automatically Print Bill on' and 'Automatically Print KOT on'. You can also enable 'Automatically print void bill' and 'Automatically print void KOT' for order cancellations.

Assign Printers: In 'Printer Settings', you can designate printers for Bills and KOTs from your connected devices. Set the number of copies or disable printing by setting copies to 0, indicating 'disabled' status.

Customizing Your Print Templates

A well-designed KOT and Invoice bill not only streamlines communication between your staff but also reflects your brand's attention to detail. You can customize which fields to display along with text formatting for all the sections within your KOT’s and Bills on your Prime Web dashboard.

Let's dive into the steps to ensure your print templates are customized to your restaurant’s needs:

Customizing Details:

Accessing Templates: Navigate to the 'Company Admin' dropdown in Prime's navigation bar and select 'Print Templates'.

Creating a New Template: Click on 'New Template', name your template, and select the type of template you need, such as Online Invoice, Online KOT, In-store invoice or KOT.

Brand Identity: Begin with adding your brand logo. This visual element is key to brand recognition and adds a professional touch to your prints.

Header Customization: In the header, you have the flexibility to display fields like ‘Type’ and ‘Location’.

Body Formatting: Choose the titles for the fields that need to be displayed. This section ensures the core of your message is clear and concise.

Detailing Your Prints: Under 'Details', select the columns that will be displayed. From Invoice ID and Platform ID to Item name and instructions. This section helps in making your prints informative and easy to understand for both your staff and customers.

Footer Customization: The footer allows you to include details like Payment status and mode, and timestamps for when the order was placed and delivered.

Final Touches:

Testing Your Design: Click on 'Test Print' to see how your design translates from screen to print. This step is crucial for catching any misalignments or design flaws before they reach your staff or customers.

Saving and Assigning: Satisfied with your custom template? Hit save to lock in your changes. Once saved, click on 'Update' under locations within the template settings, for associating your templates with specific restaurant locations. A new drawer will open listing all your locations, allowing you to select and associate your template accordingly.

And there you have it! You're now equipped with all the know-how needed to fine-tune your printer setup and craft custom templates for your invoices and KOTs. 

If you run into any issues or have questions, reach out to us via our 24/7 Whatsapp Support.

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