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Captain App

Skyrocket Your Staff’s Efficiency With Captain App

Send orders from the customer's table to the kitchen and cashier in just one click
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Streamline Your Dine-in Operations

Say goodbye to running around the restaurant!

Boost Order Value
The Captain App equips your staff with the tools they need to upsell, saving them time and making your customers happy. Increase average bill size and delight customers with a simple touch from your device.
Minimize Order Errors
Relying on your staff’s memory or handwriting can be error-prone and time-consuming. The Captain App fits your entire menu right in the palms of your staff. Send orders straight to your kitchen, error-free.
Optimize Table Turnaround Time
Monitor the status of each table and optimize your service to improve your metrics in real time. Strategically reduce your Table Turnaround Time and more with rich insights about customer behaviour.

Create A Stellar Dine-in Experience

Reduce waiting time for your tables, simplify order-taking for your staff, and create a stellar customer experience at your restaurant using UrbanPiper's Captain App today!

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