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How to Add My Restaurant on Deliveroo: A Complete Guide

Deliveroo is a British online food delivery company, expanding its presence across the globe, serving countries like the UK, France, Belgium, Ireland, Italy, Singapore, Hong Kong, the UAE, Kuwait, and Qatar.

As of November 2023, the company has mobilized around 135,000 self-employed couriers to meet its growing service demands. This expansion coincides with a digital transformation in the restaurant industry, where online food delivery sales are anticipated to hit $200 billion by 2025. 

Deliveroo can be great for your business, boosting online visibility and sales. Here’s how Deliveroo integrates into the dining experience. 

  • A customer discovers your restaurant on Deliveroo's app, available on both iOS and Android.
  • They enter their location, go through your menu, and place their order. You accept it, whip up the order, and package it neatly.
  • A Deliveroo rider then ensures the meal reaches the customer promptly, with real-time order tracking keeping the customer updated!
  • Once the order is delivered, the customer can choose to leave a rating or a review to your restaurant. This happens to have a significant impact on your restaurant’s perception. Read more about it here.

Seeing how beneficial this process can be, you're likely eager to get started. 

Let's take the next step now. I'll guide you through the simple process of listing your restaurant on Deliveroo.


Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Your Restaurant on Deliveroo

Preparing to join Deliveroo involves gathering essential details, which might initially seem overwhelming to put together at once. To streamline the process, have your restaurant's address, email, VAT number, and FSA hygiene rating ID (For the UK Folks only How do I find my FSA rating?) at the ready. 

Additionally, decide whether to opt for Deliveroo's delivery service or your own delivery team, and determine how many locations you intend to register. With these preparations in place, the next steps in the process will be smoother and more manageable.

Getting Started with Deliveroo

First, visit Deliveroo's restaurant partner site. This platform is designed to connect your restaurant with a wider customer base. 

Click on 'Get Started' or ‘Become a Partner’

Create an account on Deliveroo

Filling Out Your Details

Use your email and password to access the Partner Hub. In the Partner Hub, you can craft your menu, define your business hours, update banking information, and sign your Deliveroo agreement.

Log in to Deliveroo account

To complete onboarding and start receiving orders, you need to:

  • Upload your menu and, if applicable, your alcohol premises license.
  • Establish your opening hours.
  • Provide bank details for payments.
  • Review and accept your Deliveroo agreement, including address verification for tablet delivery, choosing a photoshoot package, and setting commission rates.
  • Set up your Deliveroo-provided tablet.
Deliveroo's dashboard

After completing the onboarding steps, your restaurant will be poised to receive orders from Deliveroo customers. I'll delve deeper into these steps to ensure you fully leverage your Deliveroo partnership.

Understanding the Agreement

Deliveroo will present an agreement outlining the partnership details. It comprehensively outlines the expectations and requirements for partners, focusing on food hygiene and safety, respectful community interactions, effective complaint resolution, adherence to recall procedures, and the accuracy of menu information. 

These guidelines are designed to ensure consumer safety, build trust, and maintain a positive, compliant operating environment. Partners are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these policies to enhance their service quality and regulatory adherence. 

Setting Up Your Menu

After the agreement, you'll upload your menu. The menu should be clear, up-to-date, and include high-quality images of your dishes. A well-presented menu can attract more customers.

If you are going to use your own images then you must make sure that they meet Deliveroo’s four key requirements.

  • Dish layout and placement: Ensure that the general layout of the food in the image is aesthetically pleasing.
  • Aspect Ratio: There are 2 aspect ratios that Deliveroo accepts. 1:1 (square images) and 16:9 (rectangular images)
  • Specifications: Deliveroo only accepts images in JPEG format, so ensure that you convert your images to JPEG.
  • Stock Images:  Do not use any images off the internet as this may cause copyright issues. Ensure that you upload all your own images.

Here is a sample Hero Image containing more than one dish, to show the customers the different kinds of food you offer!

Hero Image of bestselling dishes

Here is a sample image for your menu items

Sample Image for menu items

These are some tips to follow to get the right kind of images:

  • Choose a Simple Background: Pick a background that makes your dish stand out without distractions.
  • Center Your Dish: Place your dish in the middle of the photo to fully display it.
  • Use Natural Light: Avoid shooting pictures in a dark room, ensure that the room has a good amount of natural light and use artificial lighting to get rid of any shadows or dark areas.
  • Keep It Uncluttered: For the main image (hero image) that customers see first, don't add too many items. Ensure no hands, faces, text, or unrelated ingredients are in the picture. Avoid collages or heavy editing.
  • Follow Size Guidelines: Use the correct image size and aspect ratio to ensure your photos look good on all devices. Hero images should be at least 1920 x 1080 pixels in a landscape orientation, while menu item images should be at least 1200 x 800 pixels. Make sure the whole dish is visible and the photo is clear.

Verification and Going Live

Deliveroo will verify your details and menu. Once everything is approved, your restaurant will be listed on Deliveroo. You're now ready to receive and fulfill orders!

Deliveroo employs a dynamic approach to rank restaurants on its platform, ensuring customers are presented with options tailored to their preferences.  This personalization means that restaurants are ranked higher for customers likely to be interested in their offerings. Factors such as previous ordering habits, time of day (e.g., breakfast time), and preference for certain types of food (e.g., healthy options) influence this tailored approach.

When a restaurant first joins Deliveroo, it is given a temporary boost in its ranking on the restaurant list for the first 30 days. This strategic placement is designed to increase the visibility of new partners, helping them attract customers and build their reputation on the platform.

Transition to Standard Ranking Criteria

After the introductory period, the restaurant's ranking is determined by the same set of criteria that apply to all establishments on Deliveroo. This ensures a level playing field, where the quality of service and customer satisfaction are important in determining visibility on the platform.

Some of the key performance indicators crucial in determining a restaurant's position on the list are:

  • Customer Ratings: High-quality service and customer satisfaction, reflected in better ratings, positively affect a restaurant's visibility.
  • Preparation and Delivery Times: Efficiency in preparing orders and quick delivery times contribute to a higher ranking, as they directly impact customer satisfaction.
  • Order Rejection Rates: A lower rate of rejected orders signals reliability, further improving a restaurant's position on the list.
  • Opening Hours: Restaurants with more accommodating opening hours may enjoy higher visibility, catering to a wider range of customer schedules.

Frequently Asked Questions About Listing on Deliveroo

How long does it take to get my restaurant listed on Deliveroo?

The time can vary, but typically it takes a few days to a week after your details and menu are submitted.

Is there a fee to join Deliveroo?

Deliveroo charges a commission on orders, but there is no upfront fee for listing your restaurant.

Can my restaurant offer promotions on Deliveroo?

Yes, Deliveroo allows partner restaurants to run promotions, which can help attract more customers and increase order volumes.

What support does Deliveroo provide to restaurants?

Deliveroo supports partner restaurants by providing technical assistance for platform use, customer service help for order-related inquiries and issues, and marketing advice to enhance visibility and sales on their platform. This comprehensive support aims to ensure smooth operations, high customer satisfaction, and increased revenue for restaurants.

How will I know if I'm ineligible to partner with Deliveroo, and what steps can I take if this happens?

Deliveroo will notify you during the sign-up process if you're ineligible to partner, citing reasons such as being outside their service area or not meeting the required Food Standards Agency hygiene rating. If ineligible, you can improve your situation (e.g., enhance your hygiene rating) and then re-enter the sign-up process with your initial credentials to complete onboarding.

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Stepping into Deliveroo is not just about increasing your restaurant's visibility—it's about connecting with your community online. From signing up to going live, the process is designed to be smooth and straightforward. 

And when it feels like a bit too much, remember, UrbanPiper is here to make managing online orders a breeze. Check out our pricing page to know about all our offerings!

Embrace the journey with Deliveroo and UrbanPiper, and watch as your restaurant becomes a community favorite, one delivery at a time.

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