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Customer SuccessSave Money By Identifying Payment Errors On Zomato & Swiggy

Your restaurant may be losing out on payments from third-party aggregators without verifying the payouts you receive against actual sales. Here’s how you can reconcile payments within seconds!

Oshin Sharma
Customer SuccessHow To Design The Perfect Menu: A 5-point checklist

Here's the recipe to design the perfect menu, the kind that leverages consumer psychology and design principles to take your restaurant's sales to another level.

Oshin Sharma
Customer Success‍Restaurant Franchise In India: How To Start And How Much Does It Cost?

Find out all about franchising a restaurant in India. The pros, cons, costs, steps, permissions, and best franchises to consider - it's all packed in this concise yet comprehensive blog post.

Oshin Sharma
Customer SuccessThe Ultimate Guide To Cloud Kitchens [In 10 Pointers]

A comprehensive guide on cloud kitchens detailing the pros, cons, costs, types, and steps to open a cloud kitchen in India.

Oshin Sharma
Customer SuccessDo You Need A Restaurant Management System?

If you manage a restaurant, you know the importance of keeping your operations running smoothly. A restaurant management system can help you do just that. Here's how!

Oshin Sharma
Customer Success8 SEO Tips for your Restaurant's Website

People need to be able to discover you online if you want to keep your restaurant full every day – or if you want to increase your delivery and carry-out business. You must rapidly win them over with an excellent online experience and motivate them to take action once they have found you.

Varun Venkatesh
Customer SuccessHow To Increase Restaurant Sales On Swiggy And Zomato | A Mini-guide

Best practices researched from across the restaurant industry to help you boost your restaurant's sales on Swiggy and Zomato.

Oshin Sharma
Customer SuccessWhy Your Restaurant Needs A POS For Unparalleled Growth In 2022

A POS can easily streamline all of your restaurant's operations. In this article, we explore the advantages a POS may offer, the cost you will incur if you purchase one, and the features you must search for before you make a decision.

Oshin Sharma
Customer SuccessHow To Build A Strong Restaurant Brand | A Mini-guide

Building a strong restaurant brand can be the key to unlocking your sales potential. In a market as competitive as the restaurant business, brand building helps your customers remember you uniquely.

Oshin Sharma
Customer Success5 Reasons Your Restaurant Needs A Direct Online Food Ordering System

A direct online food ordering system can be the key to unlock the potential of your restaurant. Here are 5 ways in which a direct online ordering system can help increase your restaurant’s profits.

Oshin Sharma
Customer Success5 Restaurant Inventory Management Hacks You Can't Miss

Inventory management refers to the process of tracking the raw materials used by a business right from purchase to sale. The goal is to ensure that at all points of time, there is enough stock at the seller's disposal to meet the demand of its product.

Oshin Sharma
Customer SuccessThe 12-Minute Guide to Opening a Restaurant in The UK

This guide is all you will need to consider while opening a restaurant, whether it is a cafe, dine-in or takeaway.

Rituza Pradhan

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