UrbanPiper India Referral Program | Everything You Need To Know

UrbanPiper's Referral Program has been meticulously designed to help both our clients and their friends grow their restaurants effectively. Find out all the details of our Referral Program here.

We’re thrilled to launch our referral program to help our partners access India’s most reliable restaurant management platform at great discounts! With the program, you can win rewards worth thousands while helping fellow members of the restaurant community grow their businesses.  

At UrbanPiper, we build robust technology to simplify restaurant management for restaurateurs around the world and we would love for members of the restaurant fraternity to benefit from the multiple advantages our technology has to offer.

The Referral Program

The program has been constructed to primarily help UrbanPiper merchants based in India who are active on Prime POS or Hub recommend restaurateurs and win UrbanPiper Credits or cash. We’ve designed the program such that both the merchant who refers another member of the restaurant fraternity to UrbanPiper (referrer) and the person they refer (referee) win great rewards.

What Do You Get?

For each successful referral, you win 1,000 UrbanPiper Credits that you could use to:

  • Purchase UrbanPiper products
  • Renew existing UrbanPiper subscriptions
  • Get SMS credits for marketing campaigns
  • Redeem for cash at ₹1 for every 2 credits

Don’t worry if your friend does not purchase our product, you earn credits at every stage of their journey!

  1. When we make contact with them: + 100 Credits
  2. When they decide to learn more about us: +200 Credits
  3. When they take a demo of our product: +300 Credits
  4. When they purchase Prime POS: +400 Credits

What Do Your Friends Get?

They get a discount of ₹1,000 for their first year with UrbanPiper! With your referral, they get to join UrbanPiper’s robust ecosystem to ramp up their restaurant’s revenue, efficiency, and growth at a big discount.

Sounds like a win-win, doesn't it?

Already have a few names in mind? Share them with us here

All you need to do is visit the Refer & Earn section of your Prime POS dashboard to get started. Once done, you’ll be able to track the progress of your referral on your dashboard itself.

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