Why You Need A Captain App For Your Restaurant In 2022

Are your servers still taking orders on pen and paper or running around the restaurant with order tickets? It’s 2022 and technology is taking over the restaurant industry like fire. Without deploying modern-day tech such as the Captain App to solve your restaurant's challenges, you're missing out on a lot!

Modern customers need modern solutions. Keeping customers waiting for long, having servers running around, and watching chaos ensue in your restaurant is not the way to lead in 2022. Without a robust tech solution servicing orders speedily, you could be missing out on great opportunities to grow your restaurant.

What Is A Captain App? How Does It Work?

A ‍Captain App primarily helps captains or servers take orders from the customer’s table and relay them to a restaurant’s kitchen and billing counter online. At every step of this process, right from taking orders to completing them, the Captain App adds value to help your restaurant maximize its sales, revenue, and profits. 

It works as an application on android or iOS mobile phones and tablets. Once your restaurant’s servers download the Captain App and log in as ‘Captains’ on the app, they will be able to see your restaurant’s menu on their devices, place orders, relay them to the kitchen and cashier, and get consumer data and detailed insights right at the tip of their fingers.

‍What Can A Captain App Do For My Restaurant?

1.  Communicate Speedily & Boost Staff Efficiency 

Without having to run around the restaurant all the time, your staff can communicate orders to and from the kitchen and cashier within seconds. With the Captain App on their mobile phones or tablets, your staff can communicate faster and clearer than ever before!

‍2. Improve Your Table Turnaround Time

It's not always easy to get your table turnaround time on track. With Captain App, you'll be able to monitor the status of each table and enhance your service to improve your metrics in real-time. You will be able to strategically optimize your Table Turnaround Time, Average Bill Size, Turnover Rate, and more with rich insights about customer behavior.  

‍3. Say Goodbye To Order Errors

Relying on your servers’ memory or handwriting can be error-prone and time-consuming. The Captain App fits your entire menu right in the palms of your servers. All they need to do is tap the dishes your customers want and the Captain App sends the order to your kitchen speedily and accurately.

4. Upsell Intelligently With All The Information You Need

With your restaurant’s entire menu right at the fingertip of your servers, they can upsell to customers like a pro using the Captain App. The app will list the price, quantity, and description of every item on the menu to offer servers their best bet at upselling to your customers.

‍5. Create An Unparalleled Customer Experience

Without having to run around the restaurant with a pen and paper in their hands, your servers can focus on doing what they do best: serving incredible food & creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

‍How To Get The Captain App?

UrbanPiper offers a powerful Captain App to help your restaurant take its revenues, efficiency, and growth to the next level. Learn more here.

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