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Eat.Fit, part of Cure.Fit, which also runs one of India’s most popular gym chains, Cult Fit, is leading India’s charge towards healthy eating. Eat.Fit was established to capitalise on the ‘health food’ market, which was nascent in India until a couple of years ago, and has now emerged as one of the leading players, with its wide reach, diverse menu, subscription-based model, and brand appeal.

Eat.Fit’s offerings are light on the pocket, & suit a wide variety of needs- from just providing a balanced meal to a corporate employee, to fueling some of the most enthusiastic fitness freaks in the county. 


In order to cater to a wide population, Eat.Fit realised that its offerings must be made available on a number of ordering platforms. Initially, the brand realised that there was a bit of friction between its systems & the food delivery partner’s systems. Eat.Fit’s subscription-based model provides customers with great flexibility to order a wide variety of items, but is a logistical challenge to deal with given the consistent updates required in the menu.

Essentially, the menus had to be synced on a daily basis to provide a true reflection of what was available for customers; a very difficult task considering the constant updates & the back-and-forth required.


The problem statement received by UrbanPiper required a system that made menu programming & instant sync-up with food aggregators very easy to manage for the brand. UrbanPiper’s Hub solution caters to that very need, enabling the brand to manage this on a daily basis with just the click of a couple buttons.

One of the biggest challenges overcome by the UrbanPiper team was eliminating the friction between Eat.Fit’s systems & the food delivery aggregator’s systems, providing a seamless experience.

With UrbanPiper coming in, menu sync/programming got automated with aggregators in real-time. It became so simple like opening your gmail!

Aruj Garg

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