How WarmOven, KaatiZone, And Other Top Kouzina Brands Expanded To 100+ Locations With UrbanPiper’s Product Suite

The combination of Hub and Prime helped this 8-brand cloud kitchen business to scale across 100 locations in 2021


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Kouzina is a next generation cloud kitchen business with multiple brands powered by a technology platform. Headquartered in Bengaluru, Kouzina operates 8 brands including WarmOven, KaatiZone, Indiana Burgers, and more using cloud kitchens in 8 cities at 40+ locations. With their asset-light, highly scalable business model, Kouzina launched around 100 restaurants in 2021. 


In the beginning of 2019, Kouzina was looking to expand its operations across different locations in India. It was cognizant of the fact that a higher number of outlets could lead to increased operational effort. As the brand grew, managing multiple platforms from a single kitchen led to a level of complexity that traditional POS systems could not solve.

Kouzina was looking for a product that would solve multi-faceted problems to make their kitchen operations seamless across locations.


Kouzina found solutions to all their problems with UrbanPiper’s Hub integrations and Prime POS.

They were able to promptly update their menu, inventory, and close & open the stores on all third-party aggregator platforms in real-time. Furthermore, they were able to track analytics to understand their customers better. This allowed them to understand their costumes better, meet their expectations, and manage kitchen operations seamlessly to delight their customers with every order.

With UrbanPiper, Kouzina was able to scale their business in the way that they had imagined. After three years, they continue to be valuable customers of UrbanPiper, scaling forward in their expansion journey using our product suite.

Reducing all the complexity into a layer of simplicity. UrbanPiper's solution is very helpful.

Gautham Balijepalli

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