How The Pizza Bakery Reconciles Its Payments From Zomato & Swiggy In One Click

The Pizza Bakery Solved Its Payouts Verification Problem Seamlessly With UrbanPiper's Reconciliation Tool


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Founded in 2017 by Nikhil Gupta and Abhijit Gupta, The Pizza Bakery serves authentic Neapolitan-style sourdough pizzas. With humble beginnings in Bengaluru, the Pizza Bakery has now expanded across the city through a Cloud Kitchen-styled model of operations and also serves internationally with outlets in Colombo, Sri Lanka.


The Pizza Bakery is a top restaurant with more than 19 physical outlets active on both Swiggy and Zomato. It gets paid weekly by these food apps for the orders it serves. Due to a super high order volume, it gets difficult to manually verify payments on all orders. With 19 restaurants across 2 platforms, The Pizza Bakery gets 38 reports weekly and 152 reports monthly from food apps. That's a lot of reports!

Nikhil Gupta, Co-founder of Pizza Bakery had been relying on human effort to verify this data until now. It posed a challenge for his team because they work with different food apps and each has its own verification format. A lot of human error can kick in.

Nikhil adds, ‘we tried doing it with our accountants and auditors both. They were working almost half a day every week on reconciling payout reports. Despite a large amount of manual effort, there seemed to be a high propensity for error.  It certainly did not inspire confidence in the numbers. We wanted to change this.’ 


Pizza Bakery explored a few companies offering reconciliation solutions but decided to not go ahead with them due to certain gaps in their product. 

Since Pizza Bakery was already using UrbanPiper’s restaurant management platform, they turned to us looking for a solution.

Nikhil adds, ‘I realized that UrbanPiper is best suited to carry out this reconciliation because it already has our order data on the POS. I reached out to Saurabh (CEO - UrbanPiper) and shared the problem with him. Saurabh got his product team on this and here we are - experiencing the magic of automation added right into our POS.’

‘With the Reconciliation Tool, we feel confident in our numbers and comfortable with the process of verifying them. It all happens in one click - all we need to do is upload our reports and click a button.

I truly believe that it is a great tool, reducing manual effort as well as manual error and giving us the confidence that we're getting paid correctly for the orders we have served.’

Nikhil Gupta

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