May 2024 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

This month, we're serving up exciting new features to help your restaurant run even smoother! Discover our new features like real-time restaurant intelligence with Bolt, enhanced focus on your menu images for Meraki App, enhanced item & order Level instructions for Zomato and much more!


Real-Time Restaurant Intelligence with Bolt

Real-Time Restaurant Intelligence with UrbanPiper Bolt

Store and item availability are crucial factors for your restaurant's success in online delivery. However, tracking this in real-time, especially when managing multiple outlets across various delivery platforms, can be extremely inefficient and nearly impossible!

Until now. Meet our latest product, Bolt—a simple, powerful tool that provides comprehensive data and insights about your store and item availability for all your brands, outlets across all delivery platforms.

With Bolt, you can 

  • Track your operating hours across all platforms and identify who made changes. 
  • Receive real-time updates on item availability
  • Easily identify items that are switched off, and spot trends for your menu items. 
  • Take swift corrective measures, resulting in better availability, increased orders, and higher revenue.
  • Receive real-time alerts on multiple platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, and Slack!

If you're interested, fill up this form to learn more about the difference Bolt can make in your business! 

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India, UK & MENA.

Improved Focus on Your Menu Images for Meraki App

Screenshot of Meraki by UrbanPiper

Tired of item details cluttering your dish photos? We've tailored the latest update of our Meraki App to specifically enhance the visual impact of your menu. 

Now, all text and icons are positioned below your menu images, ensuring nothing restricts the view of your dishes. A new gradient background also improves visibility of the navigation button.

We've also fine-tuned the spacing around your menu details for a cleaner, more readable layout. This update not only makes your menu more attractive but also simplifies the browsing and ordering process for your customers.

These enhancements are updated and available by default in your Meraki App!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India & MENA.

Now You Can Enable/Disable Your Register to Simplify Billing Experience

Screenshot of UrbanPiper POS

Ever felt that your POS system is slowing you down with unnecessary steps? With your feedback in mind, we've simplified the workflow to save you time and hassle.

Our latest update now allows you to enable or disable your register workflow on Prime POS, based on your daily business needs, especially enhancing the experience for cashiers who do not require a formal register opening and closing process.

Here’s how this can help:

  • Streamlined Experience: Jump straight to selling with a click on “Sell” — no need to bother with register steps.
  • Business-Level Control: Manage your register settings at the business level, allowing consistent operations across all locations.
  • Smart Location Selection: Automatically picks up your last used location, making repeated logins a breeze.
  • End-of-Day Warning: A notification pops up 30 minutes before closing time, reminding you to finalise transactions.
  • Simplified Cash Management: Registers open with zero balance and unsettled bills are forcefully settled in cash at the end of the business day.

Getting started is easy, update your Prime dashboard. Head over to Company Admin → Settings → POS in your Prime dashboard. Here, you can easily switch between enabling or disabling the register workflow depending on what suits your business best.

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India.

Enhanced Item & Order Level Instructions for Zomato

Enhanced Item & Order Level Instructions for Zomato by UrbanPiper

We’ve got good news! Now you can view customer-provided item level instructions for Zomato directly on your UrbanPiper dashboard. This will allow you to meet your customers’ exact preferences every single time. Whether it's extra toppings or allergy precautions, you can now handle it all with ease.

We’ve also made enhancements to the format of order level instructions. Now you can see multiple order level instructions given by your customers, clearly separated by vertical bars.

This update is available for all Zomato users by default on their Prime and Atlas dashboards.

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India.

Holiday Scheduling Simplified

Holiday Scheduling Simplified by UrbanPiper

Managing closures during holidays can be a headache, especially across multiple restaurant locations. We've upgraded our holiday scheduling feature to streamline this essential task.

What's New?

  • Simplified View: We've cleaned up the schedule list view by removing unnecessary columns, making it easier for you to oversee schedules.
  • Primary Location Association: With the new 'All Brands' default setting, a schedule established at the primary location now automatically applies to all associated brands.

These updates simplify managing holiday hours, helping you maintain good relations with delivery service providers without the hassle.

To start using the new features, just head to the Schedules section on your Atlas dashboard. 

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in UK.

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