March 2024 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

This month, we're serving up exciting new features to help your restaurant run even smoother! Discover our new features like QR code ordering to digitise your menu and ordering process, enhanced Loyalty module for boosting customer engagement, automatic order completion for your pending orders, and enhancements for your modifiers on Zomato.


Introducing QR Code Ordering 🍽️🎉

With ‘QR Code Ordering’, your customers can now scan a QR code to access your restaurant’s menu, place an order, and pay for a meal, all from their own mobile devices. They can also raise requests to communicate with your staff right from their mobiles as well. This helps decrease customer wait time, increase your staff’s efficiency and avoid manual errors.

This is an add-on feature for your existing plan, designed to upgrade dining experience for your guests and streamline operations for your staff.

To learn more about pricing and how you can activate 'QR Code Ordering' for your restaurant, reach out to our team at today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India & MENA.

Boost Customer Engagement with our Enhanced Loyalty Module

Our Loyalty Module is a powerful add-on for Prime POS designed to enhance your customer relationships. This feature enables you to collect customer data and create targeted marketing campaigns tailored to their preferences. For each in-store purchase at your restaurant, customers earn loyalty which points they can redeem for cashback on future visits.

If you're looking to check out the pricing and how you can activate the Loyalty Module, reach out to us at

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India.

Automatic Order Completion

Sometimes your orders are pending due to lack of order or rider status updates from delivery partners. This often results in cluttered order tracker screens, making it challenging for you to identify pending orders.

Introducing Automatic Order Completion, designed to automatically push orders to the 'completed' tab after a set period, so you no longer have to manually check and move orders. You can customize the duration an order remains in the queue before being marked as completed, with choices of 1, 2, or 6 hours to adapt to your restaurant's pace. 

Getting started is simple, head over to Company Admin > Settings > Order Tracker. Look for "Auto-transition orders". By default, this feature is turned off and you can set your preferred time for auto-completion. This feature is now live on both Prime web and app!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India, UK & MENA.

Multi-Add-On Selections on Zomato

With this recent update, you can now allow your customers to adjust the quantity of their add-ons for each item. For example, if a customer wants more than one ‘Extra Fries’ as add-ons with their burger, they can simply increase the quantity of this add-on directly in their order. 

This can help boost your average order volume and customer satisfaction!

On your Atlas dashboard, you can configure this feature on brand and location level. For brand level activation for your menu items, navigate to ‘Profile’ under ‘Settings’, and enable ‘Same option can be selected for ordering’. For location level customization, go to Location > Catalogue > Item > Add-On Group, and turn on 'Multi-Modifiers Enabled' for specific modifier groups.

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India.

Images for Your Modifiers on Zomato

Ever felt like your add-on items just aren't getting the attention they deserve? In the next few days, you can start enticing your customers with mouth-watering images right next to your add-on options. Whether it's extra cheese on that pizza or a side of crispy fries, showing off what these delicious choices truly look like can significantly increase their selection and boost your average order value. 

On your Prime Dashboard select 'Catalogue', click on 'Modifiers' and choose the ones you want to showcase. Tap the 'Images' tab and click 'Upload' to add images for your add-ons.

Head over to your dashboard and start uploading those drool-worthy images today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India.

Regular & Holiday Hours Scheduling

With our latest update, managing your restaurant's regular and holiday hours has become easier and more intuitive. We've added a new Schedules feature, swapping out the old timing groups. This means you can now quickly set your regular working hours and manage certain menu categories, like breakfast. 

You can also set up holiday schedules by configuring the days or specific hours when your restaurant will not be operational. This is available for both Uber Eats and Deliveroo directly through your Atlas dashboard. This allows your restaurant to effectively plan for holidays or maintenance breaks and updating your store status with these delivery platforms.

To get started, checkout this video here to learn more about how you can update your regular and holiday hours on Atlas today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in UK.

🎉Now Live: UrbanPiper’s Lightspeed Integration!

We're thrilled to announce our new live integration and partnership with Lightspeed, a top POS solution provider serving the retail and hospitality industries across more than 100 countries. 

With Lightspeed and UrbanPiper integration, you get access to their comprehensive suite of POS solutions, ensuring your restaurant's orders are managed efficiently, both online and offline.

If you’re interested in using Lightspeed’s POS solutions or already enjoying them, reach out to us at to get started today. 🚀

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in UK.

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