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How to Register Your Restaurant on Zomato in 6 Easy Steps?

Are you ready to skyrocket your restaurant's revenue by 60%, and boost your brand visibility? With over 3 lakh+ restaurant listings and 1000+ cities, Zomato stands as a giant in the Indian food delivery and discovery space.

Listings on Zomato often mean more orders and more walk-ins, making it a no-brainer for restaurant owners to jump on this bandwagon. Dive into our quick guide on nailing the registration process, unlocking Zomato profile hacks, and how UrbanPiper streamlines the entire journey. Let's get started!


Getting Zomato-Ready: Check Your Eligibility

First things first, let’s make sure your eatery ticks all the boxes for Zomato’s wishlist. Zomato is on the lookout for joints that:

  • Offers a dine-in experience, takeaway, or delivery service to ensure a wide range of options for its users.
  • Has all the necessary legal permits and licenses that adhere to local laws and regulations, establishing your credibility and commitment to quality and safety.

Ensuring you meet these criteria not only smoothens your registration process but also enhances your restaurant's appeal to potential customers.

Documents for Zomato Restaurant Registration: What You’ll Need

The documentation process is straightforward but vital for your onboarding journey with Zomato. Here’s a detailed breakdown of what you’ll need:

Documents required to register on Zomato
  • FSSAI License: For restaurants in India, an FSSAI license is non-negotiable. This certificate assures Zomato and its users that your restaurant adheres to the food safety and standards authority of India's guidelines, highlighting your commitment to quality and safety.
  • Regular GSTIN: A GST certificate in India which recognizes your establishment as a legal entity. It's a testament to your restaurant's legitimacy and operational status. 
  • Your Restaurant’s Menu in Digital Format: Presenting your menu digitally is not just a requirement but an opportunity to captivate potential customers with your offerings right from the get-go.
  • PAN Card of the Business Entity: A PAN card acts as a unique identifier for your business, facilitating financial transactions and tax registrations. In case you want to apply for PAN card here’s a guide to make things easy for you. 
  • Bank Account Details: A Cancelled Cheque or Bank Statement is required to verify your bank account details, ensuring a smooth financial transaction process for the orders received through Zomato.
  • Dish Images for Top 5 Items: Visuals play a crucial role in attracting customers. High-quality images of your top dishes can significantly enhance your restaurant's appeal on the platform.

Gathering these documents beforehand can significantly expedite your registration process, paving the way for a smoother integration into Zomato’s platform.

6 Steps to Register Your Restaurant on Zomato

Jumping into Zomato’s vast network doesn’t have to be complicated. Follow these six straightforward steps to showcase your restaurant to millions:

How to register my restaurant on Zomato?

Step 1- Kickoff on Zomato’s Business Page

The journey begins on Zomato's dedicated business webpage, where you'll find the 'Add your restaurant' section. This is your entry point into the world of Zomato, where you'll introduce your restaurant to the platform.

How to create an account on Zomato?

Step 2- Detailed Form Filling

Accuracy and completeness are key when filling out the registration form. Every detail from your restaurant's name to its geographical specifics plays a crucial role in how your establishment will be presented to potential customers.

Restaurant details to be filled in Zomato form

Step 3- The Verification Process

Zomato takes its verification process seriously to ensure the authenticity and reliability of its listings. This step might involve a physical verification to confirm your restaurant's operational status and compliance with the mentioned criteria.

Step 4- Partnership Agreement

Upon successful verification, you'll receive a partnership agreement from Zomato. This document outlines the terms of your collaboration, including fee structures and mutual expectations. Thoroughly review and accept it to move forward.

Step 5- Customization and Menu Upload

You can upload your menu, complete with descriptions and images, and customize your Zomato listing to reflect your restaurant's unique character. The platform accepts menu images with dimensions of up to 650x700 pixels

Arrange the menu logically from appetizers to desserts, mirroring how customers typically read menus. Include details like portion sizes, calories, and nutritional content such as protein and fat for each dish. This information caters to health-conscious customers and those with specific dietary goals, making your menu more inclusive and informative. 

Include dish names and prices to aid in decision-making, as menus without prices can deter potential diners.

Step 6- Going Live

With all the formalities out of the way, your restaurant is now ready to be discovered by thousands of Zomato users. It's time to start preparing for an influx of orders and new customers.

Understanding Zomato Fees

Zomato’s fee structure is designed to be transparent and business-friendly, aiming to foster a mutually beneficial partnership. While listing on Zomato is free, the platform operates on a commission model for orders placed through it. 

This commission varies depending on several factors, including your restaurant's location, the volume of orders, and specific agreements made during your partnership negotiation. Direct communication with Zomato will provide a clear understanding of the applicable fees, helping you to plan your finances and pricing strategy effectively.

Top Reasons to Join Zomato

Zomato is more than just a platform for visibility; it's a comprehensive ecosystem designed to enhance your restaurant's growth and customer engagement. Here are the extended benefits of registering your restaurant on Zomato:

Why should you partner with Zomato?
  • Access to a Vast Customer Base: Zomato's pan-india presence across 1000+ cities  offers an unparalleled platform to showcase your restaurant to a wide and diverse audience.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Zomato provides valuable analytics and insights into customer preferences and behavior such as Zomato Food trends, enabling you to tailor your offerings and marketing strategies effectively.
  • Enhanced Customer Trust and Credibility: A strong presence and positive reviews on Zomato enhance your restaurant's credibility and trustworthiness in the eyes of potential customers. The platform encourages transparency in terms of pricing, menu options, and customer experiences, which helps in building a loyal customer base.

Boost Your Zomato Profile Like a Pro

Boosting your Zomato profile is key to getting noticed and drawing in more diners. Think of it as your online front door — the first impression matters a lot. Here’s how you can make your profile stand out and entice more diners to choose your restaurant.Engaging with Reviews: Building Trust and Loyalty

  • Respond to Reviews: Engaging with all customer reviews is essential, as even a well-handled negative review can convert a dissatisfied diner into a repeat guest. For more strategies on managing your restaurant's online presence, don't forget to check out our comprehensive guide on the blog
  • Encourage Feedback: Actively encourage your diners to leave reviews on your Zomato profile. More reviews can improve your restaurant's ranking on the platform, leading to increased visibility.

Utilizing Zomato’s Features: Maximizing Platform Tools

  • Promotions and Offers: Take advantage of Zomato’s promotional tools to offer discounts or special deals. This can be particularly effective during slow business periods to attract more customers.
  • Zomato Book: If available in your region, utilize Zomato Book, a reservation management tool that can help manage your dine-in customers more efficiently.
  • Advertising on Zomato: Advertising on Zomato enhances visibility with banner ads and local search features. It also offers analytical tools for ad performance tracking. Over 12,000 restaurants have successfully advertised on Zomato, leveraging its tools for better market presence. 

Streamlining Your Operations with UrbanPiper: Integrating Zomato into your POS

Integrating UrbanPiper with your Zomato profile streamlines operations, especially for businesses juggling multiple locations and brands across platforms. UrbanPiper, supported by Zomato and powering giants like Pizza Hut and Subway, offers a dashboard for tracking orders, highlighting its role in enhancing restaurant management seamlessly.

This integration allows for real-time menu updates and order management directly from the POS system, boosting operational efficiency. 


How long does it take to get my restaurant listed on Zomato after submitting the required documents?

A: Typically, the process of getting your restaurant listed on Zomato can take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days after you've submitted all the required documents and completed the verification process. However, this timeframe can vary based on the accuracy of the information provided and the verification process in your area.

Can I update my restaurant's menu on Zomato after it's been listed?

A: Absolutely! You can update your restaurant's menu on Zomato at any time. With UrbanPiper's integration, the process becomes even more seamless, allowing you to update your menu in real-time across Zomato, Swiggy and other platforms across all your locations and brands in just a few clicks, ensuring that your customers always have access to your latest offerings and avoid any cancellations that could harm your brand.

How can I maximize the visibility of my restaurant on Zomato?

A: To maximize your restaurant's visibility on Zomato, focus on optimizing your profile with high-quality images, detailed and attractive menu descriptions, and actively engaging with customer reviews. Additionally, leveraging Zomato’s promotional tools and offers can help attract more customers. Regularly analyzing your profile’s performance and using these insights for targeted improvements can also significantly enhance visibility. 

Is it necessary to have a delivery service to list my restaurant on Zomato?

A: No, it's not mandatory to offer delivery services to list your restaurant on Zomato. Zomato caters to a wide range of dining experiences, including dine-in and takeaway options. However, offering delivery can help you tap into a larger customer base, especially with the increasing demand for food delivery services.


Wrapping up, joining Zomato isn't just about listing your restaurant; it's an opportunity to expand your reach and enchant customers in unique ways. From meeting eligibility requirements to enhancing your profile, you're paving the way for a dynamic online presence.

Ready to experience the difference? Don't hesitate to get in touch for any queries. We're here to simplify restaurant management for you, ensuring a smoother, more efficient operation with UrbanPiper's seamless integration.

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