UrbanPiper Looks Set To Continue Scaling HB Brands in Saudi Arabia

UrbanPiper is thrilled to announce that it will be scaling its partnership with HB Brands, one of the most well-known and respected names in the industry. This will see UrbanPiper's cutting-edge software implemented across HB Brands’ locations, enabling the restaurant chain to streamline its operations, boost top-line revenues, and reduce bottom-line costs.

Ever since its founding, UrbanPiper has always catered to some of the biggest F&B enterprise brands in the world. When the company set its sights on Saudi Arabia, it knew that it had to attract the attention of the leading brands in the region in order to be successful. A few months into UrbanPiper’s launch in the country, it was only fitting that the company added HB brands, one of the largest restaurant operators in the region to its growing portfolio.

HB Brands has an impressive list of brands under its banner including Canton, Roma Way, Tako Hut, Shawirmarito, and many more. Since its founding in 1990, HB Brands has grown leaps and bounds and now represents a group of leading and distinctive restaurants with diverse and global food with over 120 branches in the country. 

Given its loyal customer base, HB Brands wanted to ensure that it provided its customers with the best possible experience while ordering online, which is why they decided to partner with UrbanPiper. Speaking about the partnership with HB Brands, Arif Iqbal Bhuyan, Head for Enterprise Sales in the Middle East, said, “UrbanPiper put in a lot of effort to ensure that HB Brands had all the integrations it needed with various food delivery platforms. Our portfolio of enterprise brands across India and UAE helped convince the brand about the reliability of our platform. Not just that, we were able to provide a pricing that made sense and we continue to build our relationship thanks to our stellar post-sales support”

Ever since taking the first location of Canton live back in October 2022, UrbanPiper has been working closely with HB Brands to increase the number of live locations on the platform. Today, over 10 brands and 300 brand locations for HB Brands are live on UrbanPiper and are clocking massive order volumes. While Canton is the most popular brand in the portfolio, having crossed 100,000 orders in 2023, the other brands are doing extremely well too. 

While speaking about the association, Renjith Prahladan, the Deputy General Manager for the Middle East added, “This partnership is a major milestone for our company, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a reputable and successful restaurant chain.”

With UrbanPiper’s integration, HB Brands has been able to streamline operations and focus on growth. UrbanPiper is constantly adding to the number of live HB Brands locations and are poised to take a further 62 outlets live in early March 2023. 

With the addition of HB Brands to its portfolio in Saudi Arabia, UrbanPiper has been able to add further validity for its performance, reliability, and support. Today, the brand powers over 600 locations in the region and continues to grow at a rapid scale. 

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Kaushal Raj
Marketing Head - International Markets

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