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5 Advantages of Using QR Codes in Your Restaurant

QR codes are ubiquitous in restaurants today. They enable almost the entire experience - from scanning the menu to making payments. Restaurateurs have had to learn how to truly leverage the capabilities of this technology to meet the demands of modern-day customers.

Introduced in 1994, the Quick Response (QR) code is a two-dimensional barcode designed to store information. It was first designed to tag and monitor inventory in the Japanese automobile sector. Unlike standard bar codes, which only have lines, a rapid response (QR) code has a 2D barcode. It is made up of black squares and dots that indicate specific data that a computer or device must translate. The QR code has subsequently extended into other industries, including hospitality and dining, due to its ability to hold considerably more data than conventional bar codes.

Historically, reading QR codes required specialised equipment. The upfront scanner expense was tough to justify for the typical business owner, but contemporary mobile technology now has built-in QR code scanning capabilities. Businesses of all kinds are resorting to QR codes to ease contactless ordering and payments in the middle of a pandemic.

QR codes are ubiquitous in restaurants today. They enable almost the entire experience - from scanning the menu to making payments. Restaurateurs have had to learn how to truly leverage the capabilities of this technology to meet the demands of modern-day customers.

Here are 5 benefits of using QR code technology in the restaurant industry -

1) Maintain and update menus in real-time without having to print them

QR code menus have become the norm today

QR codes are a convenient way to manage a restaurant's menu. Restaurants can update their digital menu without having to print new menu cards, enabling them to save money and reduce wastage. Even from a customer's point of view, these menus are very easy to access. Guests simply have to scan the code to view the menu and order. Restaurants can easily create an online menu and generate a unique QR code which enables them to manage their digital menu both for online and dine-in orders. So the next time you introduce a new item, don’t worry about printing new menus or writing over the menu with a marker, just update it digitally in real-time and take advantage of technology.

2) Increase your staff's efficiency

QR codes have had a positive impact on staff productivity

Whether diners are staying for a long time or are in a hurry, QR codes are ideal for both scenarios. The time taken for restaurant workers to collect orders, check-in, and drop checks to diners is eliminated with digital ordering and payments using QR codes. In an industry where managing personnel is a huge challenge, QR codes can assist a small team in maintaining a high volume of operations, increasing operational efficiency, and retaining revenues.

For example, if it takes a visitor 10 minutes to sit down and place an order, and another 10 minutes to settle the bill, the wait staff can easily save 20 minutes. This time saved by restaurant workers might result in more tables being handled and flipped every hour, resulting in higher daily revenues for the restaurant.

3) Reduce expenses and increase your savings

Every penny counts in the restaurant industry

QR codes also save time and money. You don't have to bother about updating the physical menu if you add new things to it online, or figure out ways to hide items that have been discontinued. In this manner, especially if your restaurant is still in its early stages, you won't have to constantly print fresh menus.

Even if you have to print and put QR codes all around your institution, they take up very little space, so you'll still save money. You can also save money by reducing the number of wait staff required as QR codes eliminate the need for you to have someone constantly check on your guests to take their orders or give them the bill.

4) Promote hygiene through contactless solutions

It is imperative to enable contactless solutions going forward

In addition to public health safety measures, the pandemic has caused restaurants to implement social distancing very strictly. Menus no longer need to be handed from waiters to customers and returned to your employees, making QR codes the ideal contactless choice.

Customers may simply access the menu on their smartphones and order directly from it, reducing the danger of contamination in your restaurant. Contactless payment options, such as online banking and the usage of electronic wallets can be used to implement this strategy.

5) Serves as a marketing tool

Restaurateurs have to constantly think about marketing their brand

QR code generators are quite customizable, allowing you to design your code to show your brand logo. It's one technique to raise brand awareness. Also, a QR code may be used to upsell items to your consumers. For example, a diner may order an appetiser and a main dish, but as the menu is digital, you may simply upsell other food products, such as desserts, by placing a banner on the code's landing page to tempt your customers to order. You will be able to increase your sales and earnings as a result of this.

Apart from this, a QR code also helps the restaurant collect customer contact information seamlessly as they log into the ordering and payment platform. This enhances the marketing list, allowing them to reclaim control of their guest relationships and rely less on third-party systems that collect data only for the benefit of their own company.

The Final Word

There is no doubt that restaurants can benefit from QR codes in multiple ways. They give your clients a simple and quick method to place orders while also saving you money on printing. Furthermore, QR codes enhance cleanliness and sanitation by eliminating physical contact between guests and your employees when moving the menu from one pair of hands to another. Finally, these codes can help with brand visibility and marketing. Using a QR Code Generator, you can quickly generate a QR code for your restaurant’s digital menu. QR codes are here to stay, ensure your restaurant is making the best use of this technology to provide customers with the experience they desire.

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