June 2023 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

Welcome to the June edition of our monthly product updates! We have some exciting news to share with you this month, including a new update from Swiggy, a huge milestone for our company, and some highlights from the restaurant industry. Ready to learn how to grow your restaurant business? Let’s get started! 🍽️

UrbanPiper Breaks Record with 800K Orders in One Day! 🎉 

We are thrilled to share some amazing news with you: this Mother’s Day, we processed a whopping 800K orders in just 24 hours! 

To put this in perspective, imagine this: every minute of the day, we handled an average of 556 successful orders! It proves our platform’s reliability and scalability to handle any volume of orders with ease. 🤝

We built our platform to help you serve your customers better, faster and smarter, especially during busy times and special occasions. We can’t wait to celebrate more achievements with the members of the UrbanPiper community. 🎉

ONDC x UrbanPiper Partnership 🚀

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with ONDC, India’s open network for digital commerce. This means you can now sell your products and services on ONDC through our partners uEngage and Bitsila, with ease and affordability. 🛍️

ONDC offers a range of benefits for your restaurant, such as:

  • More customers and channels to sell your products and services. 🙌
  • Lower commission, which means more profits for you. 💵
  • Greater control over your brand and customer data. 🛡️

Don’t miss this chance to grow your food business with UrbanPiper and ONDC. 🚀

Contact our partners today to get started! 📞

uEngage: +919915550701 (Sameer Sharma, CEO and Co-Founder)

Bitsila: +918951898275, +919972409449 (Sooryah Pokkali, Co-founder & CBO)

Grow your restaurant with UrbanPiper’s marketing tools! 🚀

Boost your marketing game with the power of personalised communication! 📲

  • Send SMS, emails, and push notifications to your customers, all in one place! 📩
  • Customise your messages with dynamic values! Add a personal touch by including your customer's username, loyalty points, phone number, and email. 📧
  • Drive traffic to your website and app effortlessly, and grow your restaurant's online presence 💻
  • Schedule messages now or later! Seamlessly plan your campaigns to reach your audience at your preferred time.⏰
  • Set up recurring campaigns and automate your marketing efforts! Trigger messages daily or customise them to fit your restaurant's schedule. 🔄
  • Preview and track your campaigns like a pro! Get insights and optimise your marketing strategy based on real-time data and drive better results! 📈

Get in touch with your account manager today to learn more about how you can send marketing campaigns to your customers.

Swiggy: Contact customers efficiently with masked numbers

With Swiggy, you can now easily and efficiently contact your customers about their orders with masked numbers. 📞 This feature protects privacy while letting you directly solve any operational issues/concerns for orders. 🙌🍕 Plus, it’s a great chance for you to get valuable insights and feedback from your customers. 📊

Boost your restaurant’s customer satisfaction by using this feature. Don’t miss out, try it today! 🚀

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Shriya Malik
Content Marketing Manager

Creating appetizing content for restauranteurs is my passion and profession.

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