August 2023 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

Welcome to the August edition of the UrbanPiper newsletter! This month, we have some amazing features and updates in store for you and your staff, designed to streamline your restaurant business operations. In this edition, discover how to save big on your credit card processing fees, access all your UrbanPiper products & businesses with one login, customise your notifications duration, and stay prepared for future orders with advance order notifications.

Reduce your MDR by 10% 💰

We have some exciting news for you! 🎉 UrbanPiper has partnered with PayTM to help you save money and reduce your costs on every transaction.

We are launching exclusive new offers for UrbanPiper restaurants, with which you can:

💸 Reduce your credit card processing fees by 10%, instantly boosting your bottom line

💰 Pay zero rent for the EDC terminal, saving you thousands of rupees every year

💳 Accept all kinds of payments with ease and security, including credit cards, debit cards, UPI payments and more

🙌 Get 24x7 support from our dedicated team, whenever you need it

This offer is exclusive to UrbanPiper customers and only available for a limited time.

Fill up the form to learn more today!

Access all your UrbanPiper products & businesses with one login

Your login experience is upgrading ✨🔑 Say goodbye to multiple logins and forgotten passwords! You will soon be able to access all your businesses and UrbanPiper portals, with one simple login. Seamlessly switch between multiple tools and businesses without the need to login each time! We’ve also added OTP-based login, that eliminates the need to remember passwords, making login easier & more secure.

📢 You can learn more about how to switch to the new login experience, by going through this detailed blog.

Customise your notifications duration 🔊

Are you tired of notifications that just won't quit until you manually handle them? We've got you covered! 

With this new update, now you have the option to customise and set the duration for your notifications. You can also customise different durations for each update including new orders, cancelled orders, rider arrivals, and even complaints! ⏰ Choose the duration that works best for you, and let our platform handle the rest. 🙌 No more constant buzzing or beeping, just smooth and efficient notifications that fit your needs. 

Get started on this feature by heading over to the ‘Notifications' tab under ‘Session Settings’ on Prime today! 

Stay prepared for future orders with advance order notifications 🔔

Manually setting & tracking advance and future orders while keeping your staff prepared can be overwhelming. 😓 With the ‘Advance order notifications’, now you can customise visual and audio alerts and set preferred notification time before the delivery date. Effortlessly track upcoming orders and keep your staff well-prepared for upcoming orders 📅 

This new feature will be available by default in the updated version of Prime!

Need help? We’ve got you covered

With our 24/7 WhatsApp support, you can reach out to us at any hour of the day, ensuring that your queries are promptly addressed. Simply click this link to instantly connect with our team and receive the help you need. 

Your convenience is our priority, and we're here to make sure you're supported every step of the way.

Shriya Malik
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