November 2023 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

This month, we're serving up new features to help your restaurant run even smoother! In this blog, discover hassle free and quick payments for your customers and restaurants with our newly launched QR Code on Bills feature, and learn how to manage your transfer requests more efficiently with delivery date filters in our Inventory Module.

Make Payments Faster and Easier with UPI QR Codes on Bills 🚀

The UPI QR Code on Prime allows your customers to scan a QR code on their bill and pay the exact amount with any UPI payment app. No more hassle of typing the amount, verifying the UPI ID, or waiting for confirmation. Just scan, pay, and go! 📲

This feature is free for all Prime users and easy to set up. Configure the UPI ID/VPA as per location in ‘Print Templates’ under the QR code section on Prime. Our system will form a UPI URL and generate a QR code in the bill’s footer.

Update your bill print templates to display the new QR code today! 🎉

Manage your Transfer Requests More Efficiently with Delivery Date Filters 🗓️

Now you can filter your Transfer Requests by delivery date ranges on the Transfers list view page. This way, you can easily prioritise and plan your preparations based on the nearest upcoming delivery dates. 

You can also see the delivery date as a field in the ‘Dates’ column, so you don’t have to open each request individually. And if you want to export the filtered data, you can do that too! 📊

Simply go to the Inventory Module on Prime and select Transfers. Then, use the new ‘Delivery Date’ filter to choose your desired date range and see the matching requests. Try it out today! 🚀

Need help? We’ve got you covered 

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Your convenience is our priority, and we're here to make sure you're supported every step of the way.

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