December 2023 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

This month, we're serving up new features to help your restaurant run even smoother! In this blog, discover new filters for publish and verification status on Atlas, how your customers can place future orders for your restaurant on Zomato, Zomato store closure notifications, cancellation update for Zomato orders and our upcoming new & improved analytics dashboard.


New Filters for Menu Publish and Verification Status

Until now, the success or failure of menu publish and verification across different locations and brands had to be manually tracked. 😓 But now, you can easily filter and identify locations based on the Publish and Verification status of menus, saving you time and effort! Just head to the location list view and utilize the new menu publish status filters for ‘Publish’ and ‘Verification’ status. No additional setup is required.

If you encounter any failed status menus, you can click on ‘fix errors’ to resolve them and complete their publish and verification again. Here’s a quick video to help you get started. 👇

Watch a Quick Video

Zomato Store Closure Notifications

The next time your Zomato store closes, you'll receive instant notifications with real time updates, including reasons, on your Prime Order Tracker and session settings

To re-enable the store, access the drawer for Zomato disabled locations. You will be redirected to session settings, where you can effortlessly enable them again. This update improves store closure visibility and operational efficiency! 🚀

To enable the Store Closure notifications on Prime, simply click on the “update now” button on your Prime dashboard today!

Introducing Cancellation Update for Zomato

🍔 Now, you can easily cancel Zomato orders directly from your UrbanPiper dashboard before they're completed. Just go to 'Order Status Update,' click 'Cancel,' state your reason, and it's done!

Reasons such as "Items out of stock," "Kitchen is Full," or "Outlet Closed" work for all orders. If it's a self-delivery, you can also cancel for "No delivery partner available" or "Out of merchant delivery area." This feature is available for both self-delivery and Zomato delivery orders through one simple workflow.

Ready to take control? Simply tap on the “update now” button on your Prime dashboard today! 👨‍🍳✨

Coming Soon: New Analytics Dashboard on Atlas!

Your Atlas dashboard is soon getting a delicious upgrade! 🚀 The latest Analytics update introduces not only deeper insights but also richer visualizations with features like heatmaps, distribution curves, and sankey charts. This advanced analytics tool enables you to view data by location, platform, and brand, making it one of the most cutting-edge tools in the industry today. 📊

Our early access users are already raving about this update and we can’t wait for you to get started as well. Stay tuned for more!🌟

Coming Soon: New and Improved Menu Module for Effortless Menu Management

🌟 Sneak Peek Alert! Get ready for an enhanced menu management experience. 🚀 Seamlessly segment menus by brands, view and customize them in one central space, and here's the time-saving gem – schedule menu publishes in advance! Effortlessly plan and publish to selected locations and platforms, saving you time and optimizing your workflow.

Stay tuned for the unveiling of our new Menu module on your Atlas dashboard! 🎉

🎉Now Live: UrbanPiper’s SumUp Integration! 

We’re thrilled to announce our live integration and partnership with SumUp, a leading Payments Solutions and POS System provider in the UK & Ireland. 

Simplify your operations with SumUp—a powerful, customizable solution for effortless order management, payments, and comprehensive reporting. Now, UrbanPiper HUB seamlessly integrates with SumUp, offering you a unified platform to manage orders and payments effortlessly.

If you're keen on using SumUp or are an existing user, get in touch with us at

🎉UrbanPiper Partners with Cari for Seamless Restaurant Integration in the Middle East

We are excited to announce our partnership with Cari, a leading food delivery platform for restaurants in the Middle East region. This partnership marks a significant milestone for us at UrbanPiper.

What's in Store?🚀

Seamless Integration: Our partnership with Cari is designed to streamline operations for all UrbanPiper restaurants.

Expanding Horizons: Leverage Cari's extensive network to reach more customers and significantly boost your market presence.

If you’re interested in expanding your delivery revenue with Cari, please reach out to us at

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Your convenience is our priority, and we're here to make sure you're supported every step of the way.

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