October 2023 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

Welcome to the October edition of the UrbanPiper monthly product updates! This month, we're serving up new features and tweaks to help your restaurant run even smoother. In this edition, discover seamless dining experience with QR Code Ordering, a revamped Prime web POS & Order Tracker, Swiggy Self delivery with UrbanPiper, and more!

Provide a Seamless Dining Experience with QR Code Ordering

Now, your customers can simply scan QR codes at their tables to see the menu, order, and pay. This lets you boost efficiency, see live updates, make billing easy, suggest more items, speed up table readiness, cut expenses, and gather customer details. 

With our recent enhancements, we've also integrated table number recognition and introduced staggered ordering processes, ensuring a seamless fit for your dine-in restaurant's operations.

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Prime Design Upgrade: A Sleeker, More Intuitive, & User-Friendly Interface

Over the next few days, we'll be rolling out a revamped Prime web POS and Order Tracker to all users! With our updated design, experience expanded screen space, a streamlined top bar, simplified order management, real-time order tracking, intuitive navigation, and swifter search and filtering. Stay tuned!

Checkout Prime’s New Look

Elevate Your Swiggy Self-Delivery Experience with UrbanPiper

Leverage UrbanPiper to seamlessly oversee Swiggy Self-Deliveries from start to finish! Define delivery zones, set pricing, gather customer insights, monitor orders, and allocate delivery personnel—all from your UrbanPiper interface, optimizing the entire workflow.

If you're already utilizing Swiggy's Self-Delivery, reach out to your UrbanPiper POC to unlock these enhancements!

Cancel Orders Directly with Swiggy’s Cancellation Update

Now, there's no need to contact Swiggy support for order cancellations. In the upcoming weeks, we're introducing the 'Swiggy Cancellation Update'. You can cancel orders on your own until they're marked 'Food Ready'. Just head to 'Order Status Update', pick 'Cancel' for an order, state your reason, and it's done!

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Need help? We’ve got you covered 

With our 24/7 WhatsApp support, you can reach out to us at any hour of the day, ensuring that your queries are promptly addressed. Simply click this link to instantly connect with our team and receive the help you need. 

Your convenience is our priority, and we're here to make sure you're supported every step of the way.

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