September 2023 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

Welcome to the September edition of the UrbanPiper monthly product updates! This month, we have some power packed updates in store for you and your staff, designed to streamline and boost your restaurant business operations. In this edition, discover how to use Piper Credits to power E-Bills, manage Advance Orders with new enhancements, and seamless accounting with Tally feature updates, upgrade menu management with Zomato’s menu validations, and more!

Piper Credits Can Now Be Used to Power E-Bills 📝

Starting from 12th September 2023, you will need to recharge Piper Credits to continue using E-bills. Piper credits are pre-paid credits that you can buy in advance and use them as you go. Receive alerts when your credits are low, track your credit balance in real time, and choose from different plans and packages that suit your needs and budget. 

Top up your Piper Credits for E-bills by following the steps in this short video 👇

Learn How to Top-Up Piper Credits

Advance Order Enhancements 📆

We’ve introduced two new exciting updates to help you better manage your Advance Orders! 🚀

  1. Advance Orders Report
    Ensure smoother kitchen operations with Advance Orders Report. 🍕📊 Easily filter orders by delivery date, ensuring your kitchen team has all the prep-related information they need. 📆📋 Simply select "Advance Orders Report" under "Restaurant Operations" section on your Prime dashboard to start using it today!
  2. Advance Orders Delivery Date Cutoff
    You can now set cutoff times or dates for each item, giving you enough time to prepare quality food. 📆📌 To start using this feature, set up "Order Cut-Off Time" and "Advance Order Period" in the Advance Order section on your Prime dashboard today!

Include Essential Information in Your E-bills 📌

🍔📋Now, you have the power to effortlessly include essential regulatory and statutory information in the E-bills you send to your customers. We’ve added following new fields to ensure compliance for your E-bills:

  2. GSTIN
  3. HSN Codes
  4. "Price" with "Item Name" 

These fields fit perfectly into the bill format.⚙️🚀 The E-bill will automatically display these new fields once configured, making them readily available for you to start using. 

Tally Feature Enhancements

We’ve introduced two new exciting updates to help speed up your accounting activities using the Tally feature, available on your Prime dashboard!

  1. Group Data Within a Transaction
    With this new feature, you can easily combine many bills into one voucher for any time period you want. No more data clutter, better data management, higher efficiency, saving your time! ⏰ 🙌 To use this feature, just go to Tally Integrations on Prime, choose ‘Export Data tab’ and turn on ‘Data Aggregation’.
  1. POS Receipts Data
    Now you can export comprehensive ‘Receipts Data’ along with ‘Sales Data’ on Prime! You'll have access to transaction details of your customers like payment modes for the specific period selected, and ensure a smoother accounting process for your restaurant business. 🍽️ To use this feature, enable ‘Enhanced Export’ and pick ‘Payments’ as data type to export the data! 🚀

Zomato’s Menu Validations

Worried about how long your items, category names, and descriptions should be? We've got you covered! ⏱️✅ We’ve introduced menu validation checks on our platform to help you stick to Zomato’s best practices for menu management. With these updates, your menu will not only be consistent but also ensure better conversions for your restaurant! 📈

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