How UrbanPiper Offered Pace To CakeZone’s Made To Order Model

UrbanPiper’s Prime and Hub brought speed and efficiency to CakeZone’s kitchen, much needed ingredients to build successful Made To Order restaurant chains.


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Cakezone is one of the first online bakeries in India. Unlike other brands, Cakezone operates out of dark kitchens and runs a made to order model across India. The brand is popular among the working crowd in cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, & Pune. Cakezone started with a single location and 2 chefs and now has over 200 people in the organization. Cakezone used UrbanPiper’s HUB to simplify menu, order and inventory management across multiple aggregators.

With HUB, Cakezone team were able to scale their operations smoothly and have introduced 2 new brands - GoldenBrownies & Flaspo.


With its unique model, Cakezone has achieved great customer satisfaction and gained popularity in the metros. Launched in 2016 by techies, the brand has faced challenges with menu & inventory management across multiple brands and food delivery platforms. The time-consuming process of updating menu and stock for each aggregator had always been the concern for Cakezone’s fast-paced model.


With UrbanPiper’s HUB integration, Cakezone was able to control its menu across multiple platforms from a single dashboard instead of working on multiple dashboards. Cakezone was able to introduce new items to its menu on the go during the peak hours of festivals and events.

Additionally, with our Prime POS, Cakezone was able to increase the efficiency of its kitchen operations.

The ease of managing orders has given CakeZone the ability to scale at a fast pace. It was able to eliminate huge losses due to outages and scale across outlets.

We have opened 3 cities after we got Urbanpiper onboard, where we didn't even visit the kitchens till now, the kitchen are up and LIVE and running very smoothly because we have eyes on all the kitchens through our systems in place. Better be it in the hands of a player like UrbanPiper whom you can trust and run your tech capabilities.

Pavan Kumar

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