How Wow! Momo Scaled Across The Country Using UrbanPiper

With UrbanPiper’s Hub and Prime offerings, Wow! Momo built three additional brands from scratch operating across Asia


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Headquartered in Kolkata, Wow! Momo is a fast food chain specializing in momos, a dumpling popular in Nepal and parts of Tibet and India. With more than 400 outlets across 19 cities in India, Wow! Momo is one of the fastest growing food brands in India. In 2021, it emerged as the Most Valued Homegrown QSR in India with a valuation of ₹1,225 crores. The same year, it successfully completed its Series C funding with the aim of building a global food chain and compete with the likes of Domino's and McDonald's. 


When Wow! Momo was scaling across countries, it faced two primary challenges: catalogue management and order management across multiple aggregators. Managing their menu across 400+ outlets, tracking both online and offline orders, and updating orders across multiple dashboards was laborious and time-consuming. The team needed centralized control over restaurant operations to systematically manage increasing order volume while maintaining a low KPT.


Using UrbanPiper's product suite, Wow! Momos successfully built three additional brands namely Wow! China, Wow! Chicken, and China Belly. With our HUB integration in particular, Wow! Momo was able to control its menu across multiple platforms from a single dashboard.

It could now customise menus city wise, update them, and maintain consistency across its menu both on food aggregator platforms and on its own ordering website.

Additionally, UrbanPiper’s Prime POS made inventory management seamless across Wow! Momo’s 400+ outlets. Cancellations reduced and business became much more profitable. 

UrbanPiper is amazing. It has made business much more profitable. It has reduced cancellations and made operations hassle free. It has honestly given us a much stronger control over our operations with bare minimum interfaces.

By enabling optimal utilization of resources, it has made life easy for our operations team, our finance team, for all of us at Wow! Momo to be honest.

Offering menu integrations, the option to customize menus city wise, make changes, manage inventory - it is all very useful to the restaurant fraternity and we are very happy to associate with UrbanPiper.

It has cracked one of the pain points for the restaurant fraternity and is doing a great job.

Sagar Jagdish Daryani, Co-founder

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