April 2024 Product Updates: What's New in Our Restaurant Tech Platform

This month, we're serving up exciting new features to help your restaurant run even smoother! Discover our new features like upgraded & industry leading analytics module, order preparation countdown on Prime's order tracker, custom date range reporting on Atlas and Zomato live chat support on Prime.

Introducing our Upgraded & Industry Leading Analytics Module

With our upgraded and industry leading Analytics Module, you can now view your restaurant's entire business performance at a single glance. 📈

What’s New 🚀

  • Deeper Insights Across Brands and Locations: Now, you can gain comprehensive insights across all your brands, locations, and delivery platforms in one place.
  • Order Cancellation Insights: Uncover the reasons behind order cancellations with detailed tracking by source and stage.
  • Store Availability and Order Frequency Heatmaps: New heatmaps now make it easy to track your store offline periods and identify peak hours for order volume.

and much more!

With a redesigned analytics module, you can forecast demand with precision, allocate resources more strategically, and maximize profitability like never before!

The updated Analytics Module is already available in your Atlas dashboard, check it out today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India, UK & MENA.

Monitor Order Preparation Countdown on Order Tracker

Now, you can easily track a countdown timer for each of your online orders' preparation times. This lets you quickly see which orders need urgent attention and eliminates the need for manual time comparisons.

This new enhancement adds a "Time Left" column, displaying a dynamic countdown for each order. As the time winds down, the color shifts from green to yellow to red, visually signalling how much time is left or if an order is delayed. 

To get started, upgrade to the latest version of your Prime dashboard with a simple click on the ‘Update Now’ button today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India, UK & MENA.

Custom Date Range Reporting on Atlas

Previously, our reporting was constrained by a limited set of pre-set filters for duration. But with our latest enhancement, you can now easily generate reports with custom date ranges within a 30-day period on Atlas.

Additionally, our one-click preset filters for "Today," "This Week," or "This Month" make quick reporting as easy as pie.

Getting started is straightforward. Head over to ‘Reports’ in your Atlas dashboard and select the custom date range or a preset filter under ‘Date Range’ and fill the other details to download your report today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India & UK.

Zomato Live Chat Support on Prime

Zomato’s 24x7 Live Chat Support is now seamlessly integrated into Prime. Whether you're dealing with order-specific issues or need assistance at the location level, this feature ensures that help is just a few clicks away. 

For order-level support, navigate to your online order tracker, select the order, and use the 'Zomato Help' option to initiate a live chat, where the order's location is automatically captured for a smooth support process. 

Location-level support is just as easy: access 'Aggregator Support' by clicking on the 3 dots in your order tracker, select 'Chat Support' under Zomato, choose your location, and you're set to communicate directly with the Zomato team.

What's more, if you ever need to step away from a chat, don't worry. Dismissed chats remain active in the background, allowing you to revisit and catch up on any missed messages within the last 12 hours, ensuring you're always informed.

Upgrade to the latest version of Prime to get started today! If you encounter any issues using  this feature, you can reach out to the Zomato team with your store ID for assistance.

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in India.

🎉Now Live: UrbanPiper’s Nash Integration!

We're thrilled to announce our live integration and partnership with Nash, an all-in-one delivery orchestration platform that makes it easy for restaurant businesses to offer reliable local delivery to their customers.

With the Nash and UrbanPiper integration, you can manage, track, and integrate local, same-day delivery for your business. 

If you’re interested in using Nash’s delivery services or already enjoying them, reach out to us at to get started today!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in UK.

You Can Now Print your Bills and KOTs in Arabic

Understanding every order correctly in a bustling kitchen is crucial, especially when language barriers come into play. Recognizing the hurdles faced by restaurant managers and staff in regions where Arabic is predominant, UrbanPiper introduces a vital update: Arabic Language Support for Bills and KOTs.

This enhancement specifically targets the language challenges in your kitchen, ensuring that Arabic order and item instructions are printed clearly on bills and Kitchen Order Tickets (KOTs). 

To get started, on your Prime dashboard go to Online Orders -> Order Tracker -> Session settings -> Printers -> Add Printer. Select the appropriate option for your printer (ESC/POS - Graphic or Star Line - Graphic) and hit save to your settings.

You can now set up this feature for your printers on both Prime Web and App!

This update is now available for all our restaurant partners in MENA.

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Your convenience is our priority, and we're here to make sure you're supported every step of the way.

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